enclosure card, gift wrap & shipping included!
enclosure card, gift wrap & shipping included!
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Enclosure Cards

Each gift that you purchase from The Surcee Shoppe includes an enclosure card that you select to fit the occasion. Before checking out you have space to type a message for the recipient. We hand write that message in the enclosure card that you selected and include it with your gift!

For those who aren’t familiar, enclosure cards are small sized cards with envelopes that make the perfect addition to a surcee!  Although not very big in size, only 3X4 inches, they can have a big impact! Not only do enclosures serve a practical purpose of indicating who a gift is from, but they also allow you to write a few lines to express your sincerest thoughts. 

The enclosure card selection has to be my favorite part of the gifting process. We have so many cute options from our favorite, Karen Adams Designs. They put so much detail into each design and truly are little mini works of art! Most of the enclosure cards have beautiful glitter or gemstone embellishments. They are the cutest touch! This part of The Surcee Shoppe ordering process is where you really get to show your own personality and style or choose something that fits the recipient’s just perfectly!  You put so much thought into choosing a perfect gift and writing the perfect message, we love to take the time to wrap it and present it in a way that holds just as much thought. 

Let us know in the comments below which enclosure card is your favorite!

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